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Mobile time and attendance software

ervTimeClock is a software extension that allows you to use devices such as PC/Laptop/Mobile phone as a terminal for tracking working hours. Can be installed on:

  • computers or laptops running on the Windows operating system
  • mobile phones or tablets with Android operating system

ervTimeClock can be used on construction sites, for service and mobile companies, for home time recording, i.e. in any situation where time and attendance tracking is required in remote locations where it is not possible to use standard terminals. Also, such a solution allows the company to save money, because no additional investments are needed in hardware equipment or installation such as cables, connections, mounting... The software makes using the system in specific cases easy, e.g. if the recording is done on the terminal for recording working hours, and it is a business trip, it is possible for the employee to log in the start of the business trip in the company, and for logging off from the business trip, it is enough to log out with the ervTimeClock application.

- Windows - PC/laptop
(USB reader, 125kHz/mifare)
- Android - Mobile phone/Tablet
(NFC, mifare)
Network LAN network or internet
ervTimeAtt Central PC with time tracking software
Mobile Time Tracking Architecture

Using the application is simple and the user can master it very quickly. In the case of individual records, the user does not need a card, it is enough just to select an event in the application. For group records, to track events on Windows OS, you need to have a suitable USB RFID card reader, and to track events on Android OS, a phone with NFC.

Depending on the type of USB RFID reader, it is possible to register logs with cards/tags that work at different frequencies, i.e. 125kHz or 13.56MHz (mifare), while with NFC mobile phones is possible to register only mifare cards which is important if one device registers multiple users so that they can be differentiated. When recording an event, if the device has a camera, it is possible to take a picture of the person who registered. This option further reduces the possibility of fraudulent registration.

Features of the ervTimeClock application are:

  • work on Windows (minimum Windows 10, 32/64-bit) or Android platform (Android 6.0 to 13.0)
  • efficient and optimized for work, without redundant or unnecessary elements
  • use of a camera to take a picture of an employee during check-in reduces the possibility of false registration
  • for individual time tracking of one employee, no record card required
  • for group registration, a USB RFID reader (Windows) or NFC (Android) is required
  • communication via encrypted HTTP protocol

Android - logo
Windows - logo

Windows device requirements

The software has low requirements in terms of hardware specifications, takes up little space and resources on the device. It can also be installed on 32-bit systems. For the computer, it is enough to choose any configuration that meets the recommendations from Microsoft for installing their operating system.

  • 32/64-bit Windows OS, Windows 10 Version 1607 (Anniversary Update) or Windows Server 2016 and newer
  • in case of group records USB RFID card reader is needed
  • depending on the type of USB reader, it supports different cards/tags type

We recommend that you order a USB RFID reader together with the ervTimeClock application, although (theoretically) you can use a USB reader from any manufacturer. Only then can we guarantee the correct operation of the application and provide quality technical support.

Android device requirements

Although we try to make the application compatible with all phones that have the Android operating system, due to the large number of phones on the market, we are not able to test work with each of them. Installation of the application is free and no registration is required, so you can check its operation on your phone without any additional costs.

  • 32/64-bit Android OS, with version >= 6.0 Marshmallow up to version <= Android 13
  • device should have ARM Cortex-A series CPU and GPU, support ARMv7 or ARM64 instructions, NEON technology
  • in the case of group time tracking, the mobile phone should have an NFC option
  • supports operation only with mifare cards (limitation of NFC technology itself)

On the Google Play Store you can find several applications that provide a quick and easy way to test the compatibility of your phone, such as CPU-Z or AIDA. All applications are free and do not require special privileges to run.

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