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Time and attendance with mobile phone

ervTimeClock* is part of the main ervTimeAtt application and is a software extension that allows you to use your Android mobile phone as a mobile terminal for time and attendance. Use of the application is simple, the user has basic options for setup, while the system administrator in ervServer has complete control over the data that the user should have on his phone. Also, be advised that mobile phones can only read mifare cards, which is important if multiple users are registered on one phone.

Basic information about employees is transferred from the database with ervServer. The system administrator sets all the parameters that the user can have on his mobile phone. The application can be used for individual or group time and attendance. In the case of group attendance, the phone must have NFC in order for employees to be able to register and differentiate on it, and it is also possible to take a picture of the person who registered when registering with the front camera. This option further reduces the possibility of false checking. In the case of individual records, the user does not need a card or NFC option on the phone, but it is necessary that his serial card number is entered in the database.

mobile terminal for time and attendance

General use of this application can be on construction sites, for service and mobile companies, in any situation where it is not possible to use standard terminals or if it is necessary to expand the functionality of the existing time and attendance system. E.g. if the registration is done at the time and attendance terminal, and it is a business trip, it is possible that the employee registers the beginning of the business trip in the company, and for logging out of the business trip it is enough to use ervTimeClock application (employee does not need to return to company). Later he can upload his records to the database. For data transfer, the mobile phone should be either in the same network as ervServer (we recommend this option) or you need to enable remote access to ervServer using static IP address.

The features of the ervTimeClock application are:

  • the app contains only the most necessary options so you can use it with ease
  • system administrator has complete control over the exchanged data
  • using the phone's front camera to take pictures of an employee while checking reduces the possibility of false attendance
  • individual time and attendance for one employee where using card is not required, but by selecting the event by simply pressing a button, after confirmation, the event is registered
  • in group attendance, the supervisor can control one or more departments or all of their employees
  • communication with encrypted HTTP protocol

Although we try to make the application compatible with all phones that have the Android operating system due to the large number of phones on the market, we are not able to test all of them. Installation of the application is free and no registration is required, so you can check its operation on your phone at no extra cost.

A mobile phone used as a terminal should:

  • have an internet connection over Wi-Fi of the phone and through LAN network with ervServer
  • in the case of group attendance to have NFC
  • have an Android operating system with version >= 6.0 Marshmallow up to version <= Android 11

*erv => worktime

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