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TKEY01, standard tags (125kHz / 13.56MHz)

125kHz/mifare tag (FOB)

The contactless tag TKEY01 is in the form of a key ring and is suitable for carrying in a pocket. We use the tags in two technologies (125kHz and 13.56MHz - Mifare). They work at a distance of 5-10 cm, which depends on the type of reader. They are much more robust and durable than cards and if you do not plan to print, they are our recommendation for use. Likewise, they have a brass eyelet, so they can be easily attached to a keychain which means they will always be with you (you can’t forget them). They are made of quality plastic and are waterproof. There is no mechanical contact between the tags and the terminal, which prolongs their longevity with constant use.

For the time and attendance system to work, the frequency on which the terminal operates and the frequency of tag must be the same. Each tag has a unique serial number that needs to be programmed into a terminal or controller (programming can be done using our software or directly on the terminal). To read a serial number usually a USB reader is used, but if you have no possibility to read it, tag usually has an engraved standard serial number in 8H10D format on its back.

  • Frequency: 125kHz / 13.56MHz (Mifare)
  • Mode: Passive (without the use of power-battery)
  • Data Format: EM4001 / ISO14443A
  • Temperature range: -30° to 75 °C
  • Dimensions: 37 mm (H) x 30 mm (W) x 7.5 mm (D)
  • In the form of a keychain

Due to the use of radio frequency communication (at 125kHz or 13.56Mhz), it is not necessary to slide tags through the device. The tag, like the card, is not limited by side being read, which is convenient for users. The chip and antenna are completely protected in a plastic housing, which further improves reliability. The process of reading the tag/card in the terminal takes only about 0,1-0,2 seconds, which allows a fast flow of employees. Mifare tags provide a higher degree of security than 125kHz tags.

Contactless tags can be of different colors. If you want to differentiate certain tags by color (e.g. administrator or user) you can order a certain number of tags in a color other than standard blue. The quantity of tags in another color is limited by our stock, so you need to send us an inquiry before ordering.

Tags in various colors
  • Colors: blue(default), black, yellow, green, red, gray

Contactless tags can also be of different shapes. If you want to have a special TKEY01 tag (leather or a certain shape), you need to send us an inquiry before ordering.

Tags of different appearance and shape
  • Shapes: leather, hello kitty, monkey, owl, tiger...
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