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Accessories: stands, holders and uninterruptible power supply

As accessories that can help you install the terminal, make it easier to use cards or the terminal regardless of the mains power supply you can use:

Stands for terminals

If it is necessary to mount a time and attendance terminal on a flat surface such as a desk or counter next to which employees pass, we recommend that you use the stand predicted for such installation of the terminal. The stand is made of 5 mm thick plexiglass and is equipped with non-slip rubber feet...
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Card holders

Card holders make use of the cards easier and simpler to in practice. They provide an easy way to identify the employee if his data is printed on the card. Also in this way, the card is protected from bending and scratching, which reduces the maintenance costs of the entire system...
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Uninterruptible power supply

Power failures are not so rare today, especially having in mind bad weather conditions. In order to preserve the uninterrupted power supply of the terminal and thus also the process of recording employees events in access control and time and attendance systems, we recommend the use of uninterruptible power supply...
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