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View events for an employee from a web browser

ervWeb* is a special part of main ervTimeAtt application group. It allows the employee to easily access his data from anywhere and easily view it through any web browser. Logging in to the system can be done after defining access parameters with the system administrator. In this way, employees can be better informed about their working hours, and also help the administrator to better manage all data.

Any web-browser view employee events

The employee simply logs in using his ID number and password set by the system administrator to track working hours. The Time&Att system administrator can configure the program so that data can only be accessed in a local area network (LAN) within the company or remotely, via the Internet. If necessary, the employee can communicate with the administrator by sending a message directly from the web browser to announce any absence or justify any event, and may, if the administrator allowed it, set a note for certain events (eg. for an late event why he was late, etc.).

ervWeb* will make administration of your Time&Att system easier:

  • communication can be made with any web browser
  • each employee has simple insight in his data
  • for every event employee can add a note if enabled by system administrator
  • if found some inconsistencies in his event data he can send a message to the administrator's mail

ervWeb* can be additionally set that:

  • events can be sorted by date
  • notes can be changed in a desired time period
  • events can be filtered in a preset time period by administrator

*erv => worktime

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