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Events - accessible from any device, from any place

ervWeb is an module in main software application designed for easy review and administration of time and attendance system events for both employees and managers. After defining the access parameters with the system administrator, the data can be accessed via any web browser. In this way, the employee can be better informed about his working hours, and also help the administrator in better management of his data. Department managers can monitor the records of their employees at any time.

The basic functions of the module are to quickly and easily enable:

  • the system administrator to assign for the user account the ability to view events for one department or all employees, and as such the department manager can have an overview of all events for his subordinate employees
  • every employee can have insight into their events and achieve easier communication with their managers for absences requests or reasons for possible omission to log

A big advantage is the ability to access:

  • from any device, including desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones
  • regardless of which operating system these devices run on (Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS...)
Overview of employee events via web browser

The worker can communicate directly with the administrator, i.e. by sending a message directly from the web browser, announce any absence or justify any event in the day (e.g. why he was not registered), set a note for certain events (e.g. for an event that has a delay, the reason why it was late, etc.).

The head of the department has an overview of all his subordinate employees and their events so that he can check their presence at any time. This makes it much easier to plan work tasks and allows managers to react quickly to improve the productivity of their team.

The app is designed to be easy to use and navigate, with intuitive controls and clear options. Whether you are an experienced computer user or a beginner, using the application will be easy. It can be used on almost any device, without worrying about compatibility issues.

The administrator of the time and attendance system can set the program so that the employee's data can be accessed only in the local network (LAN) within the company or remotely, via the Internet. He has full control over the system, so he can assign access rights to user accounts and set individual passwords for each employee.

In case of event view by each employee, the ervWeb module makes system administration easy:

  • each employee has unique insight into only his data
  • for each event, the employee can add a note if the system administrator has enabled it
  • if he found any inconsistencies in his events, he can notify the administrator about it through a message
  • an employee can announce an absence or justify an event

In the case of event view by the department manager, the erWeb module enables:

  • overview of the group or all employees, depending on the parameters set by the administrator
  • overview of all events for the period selected for monitoring
  • overview of all events for each individual employee in the period allowed by the administrator

We believe that every user will find the ervWeb module a reliable and practical tool that facilitates the monitoring and administration of events from any location and at any time.

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