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Mobile time and attendance with PC or laptop

ervUSBTerm* is part of main ervTimeAtt application that allows you to use your PC or laptop with Windows operating system as a mobile time and attendance terminal. This way, you don't have to invest in new hardware devices and installations for remote or separated locations. If a group of employees is registered on a PC or laptop, you also need to have a suitable USB RFID card reader so that employees can be distinguished when checking. The system can work with mifare or 125kHz cards, and in the moment of event tracking, if computer/laptop has a camera, it can also save the event snapshot. The application can also be installed on a 32-bit Windows OS, so it is possible to have a large selection of affordable PCs or laptops that can be used for event logging purposes.

In the case of individual records, the user does not need a card or USB reader. At the first click on the event type in the application, the event is selected, and on the second click, after confirmation, it is recorded and saved in the local database.

Basic information about the employees is being transferred through communication with ervServer. It is possible to download and control one or more departments. Using the F1-F8 keys on the keyboard, you can quickly select the appropriate event and then register on the USB reader. ervUSBTerm application can be used instead of the standard terminal, and it is most suitable for use on construction sites, in the service and mobile businesses, for relocated locations or for individual time and attendance records from home.

Connecting PC and Laptop with USB

The features of the ervUSBTerm application are:

  • laptop/computer must be in the same network or VPN to communicate with ervServer
  • customizable event key number and name
  • use of laptop/computer video camera to record check-in/out employee picture
  • individual time and attendance for one employee where using card is not required, but by selecting the event by simply pressing a button, after confirmation, the event is registered
  • administrator can control one department or all of his employee's
  • transfer of employee's basic data and setting up application is made simple as possible

As USB reader we recommend CR10E (125KHz) or CR10M (mifare, 13.56MHz) models:

  • Frequency : 125KHz or 13.56MHz
  • Communication : USB (with small cable)
  • Features : Audible Buzzer, LED Green and Red

or mini reader U10E (125KHz) or U10M (mifare, 13.56MHz) models:

  • Frequency : 125KHz or 13.56MHz
  • Communication : USB (no cable needed)
  • Features : No buzzer, LED indicator

NOTE: we recommend that you order the USB reader together with the ervUSBTerm application although (theoretically) you can use a USB reader from any manufacturer. Only then we can guarantee the correct operation of the application and provide quality technical support.

*erv => worktime

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