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Time and attendance software

ervTimeAtt* application is the main application group for collecting data from the terminal's and generating reports. Basic software version works on Windows platform (we recommend that you install a time and attendance system on modern 64-bit Windows operating system).

Terminals Hardware devices for event logging
ervTimeClock Software for event logging
- Android/Windows -
LAN or internet LAN network or internet
ervWeb Event overview via any device (PC/tablet/mobile)
ervTimeAtt Central PC with Time&Att software

Time and Attendance system architecture

ervTimeAtt consists of a client and server part, as well as many additional modules that extend the functionality of the software. The client part of the application can be installed on several computers so it is possible, with proper network configuration, to access data from several computers. It is possible to generate different reports with it. If the preconfigured standard reports do not suit you, you can create a new report with the help of the "report designer" by using the standard one as a base report. This new report can be further adapted to the needs of users, printed and exported in different file formats.

Mogući formati podataka pri izvozu izveštaja

The server part of the software is installed on one computer in the network together with the database. It is recommended to make regular backups of the database to an encrypted file that can only be accessed by the system administrator. In case the user needs, we offer an extended maintenance package where we contact the user at periodic intervals and check the state of the system and create all necessary backups.

From additional modules that significantly expand the functionality of the working time record system, we can single out the possibility of viewing events via a web browser, i.e. through any device (PC/Laptop/Mobile) regardless of the operating system these devices run on (Windows/Linux/Mac/Android/iOS...), as well as the ability to do mobile time and attendance at remote locations for one or more employees via any device using the Windows or Android platform.

ervTimeAtt* is the standard software for Windows platform, which supports the latest versions of the database and runs in a network environment, so from this derives the general conditions that a computer should meet:

  • 64-bit Windows OS, Windows 10 or Windows Server 2016 and newer
  • Intel i3 or AMD Athlon processor, clocked at 2 and more GHz (with 2 or more cores) and better
  • DDR3 RAM and faster
  • if terminals with integrated cameras are used, than and hard-drive with some larger capacity
  • occasional internet connection

As an underlying structure for storing and retrieving data, the user can choose MySQL or MariaDB database. Given that MariaDB was created by experienced MySQL creators and is currently strongly supported by the "open source" community, we believe it can be a very good choice for all users of our software. From us or our distributors you will always receive a customized version of the selected database that suites the needs of the ervTimeAtt program.

MariaDB - logo
MySQL - logo

Virtually any newer computer can be used to install time tracking software. For faster data processing, we recommend using an SSD hard drive. In the pdf file about frequently asked questions you can see additional information about the use of the system, as well as the recommended number of terminals and the method of configuration.

Carnet report with month view
× Carnet report with month view

Installation program can be run on various languages, it's simplified as much as possible. When you install our software you can have a 15-day trial period. After testing our software, you can contact us in order to get an offer. This way you can easily and safely decide to buy software. Due to constant improvements, updates and new features, we definitely recommend that you always have the newest version for which we can give you technical support.



To run the program, it is necessary that the user account on the Windows OS has administrative rights. In case the account does not have administrator rights, it is necessary to enter the administrator password every time when starting the program. The administrator password is then often known to system users, which reduces security.

Enter the administrator password, UAC

Using the ervElevate application, the system administrator can enter the password only once, the password is hidden from the user, and starting the ervTimeAtt* application is very simple.


Free remote support

Software is easy to use, but sometimes users need some advice and help in the work. We offer effective support which, according to independent research by our customers for many years evaluated above average grade. Although we can provide support in several ways (by email, phone...), practice has shown that support is most effective with remote access to a computer where a time tracking program is installed. As remote support software we use AnyDesk. It can be installed completely free of charge on the computer where the time tracking software will be.

Support can also be provided for Android devices, provided that the user must have AnyDesk for Android installed, and preferably have an Internet connection via Wi-Fi. Connecting to an AnyDesk for Android device requires Android 5.0 and newer. Remote controlling an Android device requires Android 7.0 or newer. For details on how to enable remote connection to a mobile phone via AnyDesk, see the instructions on the manufacturer's website. Pay special attention to accepting security prompts and configuring the Battery Optimization option.

AnyDesk ID

The software does not need to be installed, just download and run it. The connection ID (9-digit number) is then provided to our operator. When connecting, it is necessary to allow the connection (therefore, no one can connect to your computer without your consent). We offer the same support if needed while you use the software.


ervTimeAtt software versions

By using our software for time and attendance, you can be sure that any problem will always be quickly solved with constant updates and corrections of any spoted problems. You will always have the latest version of the software at your disposal, compatible with new versions of Windows, as well as a list of changes with which you can familiarize yourself with all the new features and improvements.

We remind - since version 5.0

- Application ervTimeClock for time tracking on the field, remote location or work from home... , for one or more employees, on the Android or Windows platforms.
- web module for easy events viewing from any location. Works on any device (PC/Laptop/Mobile) regardless of what operating system those devices run on.
- updated application ervElevate to run all parts of the program under admin account without the need to constantly enter the admin password.
- automatic filtering for the drop-down list when typing a search term.
- new type of report for calculating overtime per day. Calculation of up to three levels of overtime.
- many new functions: reading of new ID cards, display of additional data in the carnet report, report on data changes, new security protocols, better compatibility with antivirus programs, improved stability...

Note for older version v4.x

We inform users that the complete termination of technical support for the old software version v4 is scheduled at the end of December 2023. Due to a series of announced changes on which we cannot influence (changes in the services and libraries we use during software development and maintenance, as well as in Windows itself), we are unable to offer extensions with modules (visitors, video...), change the number of users, transfer the software to another computer or its registration. We recommend users to update the software version to 5.x in order to have all the updates, new features and implemented new security protocols in the software.

We remind - since version 4.0

- 64-bit version. This version is not compatible with 32-bit Windows OS. Switching to a 64-bit application has increased the speed of all parts of the ervTimeAtt system.
- support for MariaDB database. Given that MariaDB was created by experienced MySQL creators and is currently strongly supported by the "open source" community, we believe it can be a very good choice for all users of our software.
- split events by year, each previous year is now an automatic data archive, loading only the active year further automatically speeds up software and system administrators have better control of possible errors.
- new SDK for communication with terminals enables new functions and more stable operation.
- many new functions: reading the ID card of the employee, selection of time format in reports, query optimization, automatic database backup, display of terminal memory usage, better compatibility with antivirus programs, improved stability...

Note for version 3.x and older

Due to major improvements and differences that allow better user experience, higher security and easier data processing, we are not able to provide technical support for major software versions 3.x and older!

We remind - since version 3.0

Report designer. You have the possibility to change the appearance of the report (add/delete columns, font, size, color...) This option is unlocked for all users of the software. All usage details about report designer can be found at: Fast Report. The User can create his own reports, with the help of on-line instructions. For this option we do not provide technical support. Practice has shown that many people in the IT sector knows how to use these advanced options, or can quickly master them. Instead of technical support, we can create the desired report with a minimum fee. The amount of this fee depends on the time required to produce a report defined by the customer.

We remind - since version 2.0

- possibility to define event types
- integration of ZKTeco C3 controller
- new report type, carnet - monthly and shorted
- new report type with additional data - start of shift, end of shift, earlier departures from work
- possibility to define privileges for low-level-admins of type User
- many new functions: night work, improved absence processing, http collection of events and images from the terminal, dynamic translation and reports, predefined notes for events, time schedule for data collection

Start version 1.0

*erv => worktime

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