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Mobile applications for time and attendance

With these applications, it is possible to significantly expand the functionality and usability of the time and attendance systems. The ervTimeClock application runs on the Android operating system, while the ervUSBTerm application runs on Windows.

With the ervTimeClock and ervUSBTerm applications you can have mobile tracking of working hours, from a remote location, from home, from the field work, ... If tracking is made for one employee, no card is required, the employee can register after confirmation of the selected event in application. If tracking is made for a group of users, then you need a mobile phone with NFC or a PC/laptop with a USB reader so that users can be differentiated. Such a solution is much more cost-effective than investing in new hardware and installation (only a PC/laptop or mobile phone is required) for employees working in remote locations. See more information in the text and links below.


ervUSBTerm is part of the main ervTimeAtt application that allows you to use your PC or laptop as a Time&Attendance terminal. In addition, besides PC/laptop, you also need to have a suitable USB RFID card reader. The system can be expanded with the camera so that it also captures the image at the time of check-in...
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ervTimeClock is part of the main ervTimeAtt application and is a software extension that allows you to use your Android mobile phone as a mobile terminal for time and attendance. Use of the application is simple, the user has basic options for setup, while the system administrator in ervServer has complete control...
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