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Our Time and Attendance system enables an employer to increase productivity by increasing work discipline, having less delays and absent employees. Employees have a clear insight into the list of their arrivals and departures. Manual processes are replaced by automatic reducing the risk of errors that are common during manual recording of working hours. Staff in human resources (HR departments) engaged in manual administration of working hours will have more time for other administrative tasks in yours company. This system removes any doubt about the number of hours spent in the workplace, and enables the employer to have valid proof of attendance. Work is the most important resource that a company can manage, which can be easily and simply done with help of our solution for time and attendance.

The standard time and attendance system consists of:

  • terminals or controllers for event registration
  • contactless cards/keys for checking at terminals
  • time and attendance software

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  • Increasing company productivity

The most important resource of every company is its employees, but it is also very important for every company that employees respect the agreed time of arrival and departure from work. Therefore, it is necessary to have accurate and precise automatic tracking of IN and OUT events. Based on these time and attendance real-time records, the employer - manager can easily and simply gain an image of the employee, his habits and his seriousness towards the work he performs. The automatic system of recording working hours reduces delays and absences from work, as well as earlier departures. Also, a worker who respects working hours will always be more valued by his colleagues and by his employer. Respecting working hours also improves the working atmosphere in the company and reduces the possibility of misunderstandings between employees.

It happens that during the working day it is necessary to go out due to private obligations (going to the doctor, to the bank...), to take a break..., and then the companies try to make up for lost time by keeping all workers longer at work. In that case, workers who respect working hours have a feeling of dissatisfaction if their overtime work is not adequately recorded and paid. If the company has implemented the time and attendance system, it can accurately determine how much the employee spent at work, how much on a break, private leave, if there is overtime work and how much, and similar.

time and attendance - advantages, infographics
× time and attendance - advantages, infographics

No matter what your company does, increasing labor productivity is something that would ultimately give it a better position in today's highly competitive market, and workers can have safer and better paid job.


How time tracking enables better cost control?

All successful companies want to find the best way to increase their productivity, as well as reduce their costs. By implementing a time and attendance system, a company can quickly increase its productivity by saving both money and time by replacing manual timekeeping with automatic, increasing work discipline and managing work time more efficiently. The calculation of working hours of employees is precise and accurate, and it is possible to track different types of events. Based on the needs of your company and this data, a large number of reports can be formed that give company executives direct insight into the efficiency of their employees. Companies that implement such a system can expect a very quick return on their investment, through the use of the obtained data for a fairer and better calculation of personal income and business improvement. In order for the calculation of working hours to be processed in the most efficient way, it is necessary, first of all, for the time and attendance program to be oriented to the needs of users and to have several important characteristics:

Easy to use
  • Easy to use

Using the program is really intuitive and simple. The software provides an easy-to-use interface for accessing needed data, processing records and create reports. These reports, formed on the basis of data processing from the terminal or controller, can be exported to various formats (pdf, doc, xls, xml, ods, dbf, html, txt, csv...). These reports then can then be used for import in to all types of payroll & HR software programs. With the help of a built-in designer, you can always customize the reports to your needs. The application is a multi-language, currently supporting few languages. The translation of the software is stored in a separate file that can be edited using a special translation editor software (if yours language is not in our list, please contact us). The implementation of the digital signature provides easy and secure authentication of the application, which minimizes security warnings and enables better work on the computer with antivirus programs.

SSL certificate - security fast
Fast start tracking work time
  • Fast start

Time and attendance is possible immediately after a short installation and fast set up of our ervTimeAtt software. With the Time&Att software you can begin to record and track events ~10 minutes after installation. Applying our solutions you can avoid long reading of the manual. You do not need to learn hundreds of complicated options and settings, as everything is done in the simplest way possible. The program comes with a complete user manual in pdf format that in a clear and vivid way describes the ways of how to use our software and complete installation process.


Events & Reports

With this program you can track all kind of possible events like for example arrival and departure, ie. IN and OUT from work, breaks, private exit's, field work... If in the standard, the most commonly used types of events are not those you need, simply add them and begin to track. In addition to tracking when employees do work, organizations can also track absences: vacation time, sick leave, holidays, blood-donations, fire-exercise... Your company can keep detailed records of attendance issues such as who calls in sick and who comes on time or late. You can also track work time on non-working day, overtime... Based on this data, you can create reports that suit company's needs, for one employee or department, for the selected period, eg. reports on daily, weekly or monthly basis. Have "mini" records of employees with their basic information - address, phone, picture... If the employee has an ID personal card with a chip, you can easily download his data via a smart card reader, it is not necessary to enter them manually.

Customizing the report format
  • Carnets and other types of reports

The time and attendance program can create many types of reports. The most important are carnets in which the user has a complete monthly overview of working hours for each employee on a single sheet of paper. The format in which these results are displayed can be adjusted, which allows for easier integration with payroll software. In the carnet, the user has a complete overview of the sum of all events, but if he wants detailed data on when the employee had arrival and departure, at which entrance, he can use detailed reports showing all records during the day.

Carnet report with month view
× Carnet report with month view

During the preparation of the report, we paid special attention to make it easier for system administrators to manage events. The software automatically, visually, marks the day with a special color if there is an error in recording. This greatly improves the administration of events and the administrator can easily spot in the data group those that are problematic and focus only on them.

Reports that you can make can be further customized to better suites yours needs. You have the possibility to customize the layout (add/delete columns, font, size, color...). This option is unlocked for all users of the software. All usage details about report designer can be found at: Fast Report. The User can create his own reports, with the help of on-line instructions (note that this is the only thing in software that we do not provide technical support). Practice has shown that many people in the IT sector knows how to use these advanced options, or can quickly master them. If you require a customized report, and you do not want to create it yourself, our authorized distributors, or we can offer you a report in the desired form with a minimum fee. The amount of this fee depends on the time required to produce a report defined by the customer.

Export in excel format
  • Excel forms for time tracking records

The most common format when exporting data from the program xls, xlsx format, although the program, in addition to Excel, can export data in many other formats (pdf, doc, txt, csv...). This format is most often used when it is necessary to transfer data to a payroll software. To process data in this format, you need to have a program such as Microsoft Excel installed. When a report is created and opened in Excel it has excellent visibility and each cell with data is easily accessible. The necessary data can be "extracted" from these reports in a simple and easy way.

Mail icon
  • Sending reports by e-mail

In addition to many formats (xls, pdf, doc, txt, csv...) the administrator can, when creating a report, send it to the e-mail address of the accounting department. When sending for the first time, you need to set the parameters, username and password through which the mail is sent. You only need to fill out this account data for the first time in consultation with your IT department and choose the type of format in which you want to send the report. After that, the sending of the report after the creation is automated with the preset values.


Electronic (software) Time and Attendance

The possibility of software event tracking at remote locations via Android and Windows applications is becoming more and more important, considering that today more and more employees perform their work tasks outside traditional office spaces. Attendance tracking at remote locations is increasingly becoming critical for effective task management.

For such specific cases, time tracking can be done with an application that can work on both Android and Windows platforms. This kind of solution saves the company money because usually no investment in additional hardware equipment or installation (cables, connections, assembly, etc.) is required, and the functionality of the time tracking system for employees not working in the office is expanded in a simple way.

Mobile Time Tracking Architecture

With the ervTimeClock application you can have mobile work time tracking on Android and Windows platforms, from a remote location, from home, from the field, etc... If the time tracking is done for one employee, no card is required, the employee's selected event is saved after confirmation, and if the tracking is done for a group of users, then you need a mobile phone with NFC or a PC/laptop with USB reader. If necessary, if the device has a front camera, it is possible to have a picture of the person who registered, which reduces the possibility of "false records". With the ervWeb module that can work on any device (laptop, PC...) and any platform (Windows, Android, iOS...) it is possible to have simple overview of events.


Terminals and controllers for event registration

The time and attendance software supports a number of different hardware devices that track presence at work. Each device has its own characteristics that make it the best for use in a specific situation from some else. The terminals can function without a constant connection to the computer because they use their internal memory for data storage, and uninterruptible power supply can be added to them, so the system will work even in the event of a power failure. The computer on which the time and attendance software is installed, downloads all logs from the terminal and saves them into the database.

Time clock
  • Configuring the T&A system

Depending on the needs and requirements of the customer, we define which device-terminal or controller should be used to track working hours. Each case is a special situation for itself, but the most important thing for the customer when choosing a terminal or controller is to know which events he wants to track and for how many workers. Small companies with a few employees do not have to worry too much about the number of terminals or controllers, while for medium companies it is important (especially for large companies with many employees) to have an adequate number of terminals and controllers where time and attendance records can be made. Also, for a large company, it must be taken into account how long it takes the administrator to manage all events (if some are missing, why are they missing, if someone is registered twice, why he registered...), so sometimes it is more convenient to track fewer events. For large companies, it is also important that employees pass through the gate/door/entrance as quickly as possible. Devices that do not have a function key selection can be used for this purpose. Workers then do not need to press the function keys, but simply place the card or tag in a certain place, ie. a reader or terminal intended for the IN or OUT tracking. If the event log is done with controllers to which readers are connected, the type of event to be logged can be set for each group of readers separately, eg. readers where IN and OUT from work is recorded, or readers where IN or OUT to the canteen, or a break, or similar is recorded.

1 IN event card reading place
2 OUT event card reading place
3 Electric lock
4 Controller
Door control with two readers

Terminals with function keys can track multiple event types. Using the function keys the type of event is first selected, and then the employee can be registered by bringing a card or tag to a specific place. More sophisticated terminals such as the S880 have the ability to remember the last recorded event and eg. if a group of employees leaves work, it is enough for the first employee to choose the type of event and to register, others employees need to just place the card for registration and in that way the flow of people is accelerated. It is also possible to set the terminal that a certain event type, ie. the function key, is active at certain time of the day, eg. in the morning to be an active IN event, and in the afternoon OUT event. In case the terminal has an integrated camera, it is possible to take a picture of the person who checked in at the time of registration, which greatly reduces the possibility of "false" registration, ie. records of someone else instead of the actual cardholder. If there is any doubt in the identity of the person who registered, it is possible in the software to check his identity and the exact time of reading the card from the database of employees photos and compare it with the picture of the event. In this way, you can perform complete control of persons which enter or leave the facility at all times.

1 Camera for making pictures of events
2 Programmable function keys
3 Programmable function keys
4 Card reading place
Terminal with camera - S880
Calendar with plus sign
  • Event registration

There are many devices on the market that offer different ways to identify employees. Tracking with card or tag have proven to be the best in practice in terms of speed and simplicity. It is necessary for the employee to bring the card or tag closer to a certain place (usually marked with the appropriate symbol) at a certain distance and the card will be registered. Newer generation devices are represented by terminals with the possibility of registration by fingerprint or facial recognition. From our many years of experience in practice, devices that use an optical fingerprint sensor as detection have a sensitive glass that needs to be cleaned often and can be scratched if used inappropriately. If it is necessary to replace the glass frequently because of this, the usability of the device in real situations is reduced, while potential problems with face recognition technology are less precision in detection (e.g. recognition with and without glasses, people who are twins, change of hairstyle, make-up..., face aging) and the lack of a legal basis in terms of compliance with privacy laws.

When tracking events, it is necessary to respect the correct order, ie. it is always necessary to record the arrival first using keys "IN" or eg. "Break IN", and then departure using "OUT" or eg. "Break OUT" keys. Also, the type of event (Work Time, Break, Private, Official...) plays an important role in the calculation of working hours. Each event type represents a specific function key on the terminal or a reader. All events can be calculated in different ways depending on the settings in the software.

After installation, it is possible to print and place the event registration instructions next to the terminal.


Access control

Unlike the time and attendance, access control, in addition to viewing and processing events, must provide quality technical protection of the facility. Time and attendance devices can only provide basic control of entry and exit access at one door. With the use of the C3 controller, multi-door or turnstile access control can be achieved. For facilities where security when passing through the door is a priority, eg. where access is needed to the server room or similar, we recommend the use of systems that work on mifare technology, ie. system where the equipment operates at 13.56 MHz.

An example of a system solution where only basic access control is required with a time and attendance extension is a combination of terminals SCR100 with a wiegand reader. With it, in addition to door control, it is possible to have basic tracking of IN and OUT events. The terminal does not have function keys, so it is easy to use, if the card is placed in a certain place the door will open if the user has the right of access.

C3 controllers are designed for access control with 125kHz RFID or mifare reader. They are made in variants for one or two doors. A special type of controller is a controller with four relays, it can control two doors on both sides or four doors on one side, and it is most often used if the employees need to use turnstiles. Since there are four relays, it is possible to activate the turnstile to rotate in both directions.

BCM controllers are advanced access control systems with many options. They have its own access control software that can be accessed through any web browser and set access rights for each user, and if necessary can be extended with a time and attendance system. Also, it can be used to control parking, elevators, renting apartments... If it is necessary to provide secure technical protection of the building, it is recommended to use it with mifare EV2 high-security RF-ID cards that provide maximum security and have protection against card copy. This equipment has the Security Grade IV standard, which is the highest security standard in the industry.

reference BCM registration with reader on the door

Our references

Our goal is to help our clients run their business more efficiently, with equipment of latest generation, helping them gain better insight into their business activities and providing them with lasting benefits by automating business processes. Companies or firms that manage to increase the productivity of their employees and have the best results with the least costs will surely have a successful future.

Thanks to a business solution based on a modern system of time and attendance, with top quality service and a high level of commitment to each customer, we have the honor to work with many companies. Our clients are both large and small companies, hotels, hospitals ... In our many years of practice, we have designed many systems that best meet the needs of our users, as well as solve the requirements with the right advice and effective technical support. Technical support implies:

  • Consultations and free professional technical support when choosing equipment, via electronic contact-form or to our e-mail
  • Remote support with the help of a program for computer remote access (AnyDesk)
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