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Our Time&Att system enables an employer to increase productivity by increasing work discipline, having less delays and absent employees. Employees have a clear insight into the list of their arrivals and departures. Manual processes are replaced by automatic reducing the risk of errors that are common during manual recording of working hours. Staff engaged in manual administration of working hours will have more time for other administrative tasks in yours company. This system removes any doubt about the number of hours spent in the workplace, and enables the employer to have valid proof of attendance.

ervTimeAtt - software for time and attendance

Easy to use
  • Easy to use

Using the program is really intuitive and simple. The software provides an easy-to-use interface for accessing needed data, processing records, performing reporting tasks and exporting them to various formats (pdf, doc, xls, xml, ods, dbf, html, txt, csv...). These reports then can then be used for import in to all types of payroll & HR software programs. We can always make additional customization of reports to better suites your needs. The application is a multi-language, currently supporting few languages. The translation of the software is stored in the *.sil file that can be modified using a special SilEditor software (if yours language is not in our list, please contact us). The implementation of the digital signature provides easy and secure authentication of the application, which minimizes security warnings and enables better work on the computer with antivirus programs.

SSL certificate - security
Fast start tracking work time
  • Fast start

You can start to work with our Time&Att software immediately after short installation and fast set up. With the Time&Att software you can begin to record and track employees time ~10 minutes after installation. Applying our solutions you can avoid long reading of the manual. You do not need to learn hundreds of complicated options and settings, as everything is done in the simplest way possible.
The program comes with a complete user manual in pdf format that in a clear and vivid way describes the ways of how to use our software and complete installation process.

Reports format customization
  • Events & Reports

With this program you can track all kind of possible events as: breaks, private exit's, field work… If in the standard, the most commonly used types of events are not those you need, simply add them and begin to track them. In addition to tracking when employees do work, organizations can also keep tabs on when employees are not working: vacation time, blood-donations, fire-exercise... Anything you need. Some organizations also might keep detailed records of attendance issues such as who calls in sick and who comes in late. You can also track holidays, work time on non-working day, overtime… You can make a report for one employee or group of employees in the desired period. Have "mini" records of employees with their basic information - address, phone, picture… If the employee has an ID personal card with a chip, you can easily download his data via a smart card reader, it is not necessary to enter them manually.

Reports that you can make can be further customized to better suites yours needs. You have the possibility to change the appearance of the report (add/delete columns, font, size, color...) This option is unlocked for all users of the software. All usage details about report designer can be found at: Fast Report. The User can create his own reports, with the help of on-line instructions (note that this is the only thing in software that we do not provide technical support). Practice has shown that many people in the IT sector knows how to use these advanced options, or can quickly master them. If you need a customized report, and you do not want to create it yourself, our authorized distributors, or we can offer you a report in the desired form with a minimum fee. The amount of this fee depends on the time required to produce a report defined by the customer.

Free to try period
  • Cost saving

When you install our software you can have a 15-day trial period. After testing our software, you can contact us in order to get an offer. This way you can easily and safely decide to buy software. The software license may be permanent with optional renewal whith some cost when upgrading to new major version or issued for a period of one (1) year. Minor versions are free to download. Due to constant improvements, updates and new features, we definitely recommend that you always have the current version for which we can give you technical support. Also, the user can choose whether to use MySQL or MariaDB database as the underlying data storage system - these two databases are among the best open-source databases in the world. This way, we have a two very reliable and fast solutions for data management, and we also do not have to worry about their size. All data used by the software is stored on your local computer and is available only to those persons to whom you grant access. The minimal system configuration represents any computer running Microsoft Windows 8.1 or Windows Server 2012 R2 and higher OS (64-bit required) and one time clock device (RF-ID, 125kHz/mifare, with/without camera …).

MariaDB and MySQL database
remote support when using the software
  • Free remote support

Software is easy to use, but sometimes users need some advice and help in the work. We offer effective support which, according to independent research by our customers for many years evaluated above average grade. We can do support in several ways (email, phone ...), but the simplest and best remote support is for the current major software version when we can solve any problem together with the client. After purchasing our software, the user can install the remote support software on the computer where the time and attendance software will be. We use AnyDesk as remote support software.

Support can also be provided for Android devices, provided that the user must have AnyDesk for Android installed, and preferably have an Internet connection via WiFi, because the connection via mobile data is quite slow. Connecting to an AnyDesk for Android device requires Android 5.0 and newer. Remote controlling an Android device requires Android 7.0 or newer. For details on how to enable remote connection to a mobile phone via AnyDesk, see the instructions on the manufacturer's website. Pay special attention to accepting security prompts and configuring the Battery Optimization option.

AnyDesk ID

The software does not need to be installed, just download and run it. The connection ID (9-digit number) is then provided to our operator. When connecting, it is necessary to allow the connection (therefore, no one can connect to your computer without your consent). We offer the same support if needed while you use the software. In any case, if you have additional questions, you can always contact us by email or via the Contact form.

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