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Make significant savings with time and attendance software

  • Simplify your time tracking
  • Control labor cost & save money
  • Manage an unlimited number of event types
  • Powerful reporting and report customization

Time&Att system can make a big savings to any company and bring order in its business for several reasons:

  • Employee's productivity is improved by replacing all manual calculations with automatic ones
  • Reduces manual payroll & data entry errors
  • Increased work discipline
  • Minimizes payroll processing time
  • Removes any doubt about the number of hours spent in the workplace
  • Scheduling employee's is simple and time effective
  • Calculate vacation, holiday, sick and other paid time off
  • Have a event type according to yours company's needs (unlimited number)
  • Identify & eliminate time theft (late in, early out, & buddy punching)*
  • Export time totals to all payroll providers and software
  • Report designer enables you to modify our standard reports and to customize them
  • Export report to pdf, xlsx, xls, xml, doc, docx, ods, odt, dbf, html, rtf, jpeg, bmp, tiff, gif, txt, csv, e-mail or other format type
  • Conduct a "mini" records of employees with their basic information - address, phone, image, ...
  • Use software to read employee data by directly reading it from personal ID
  • Android or Windows applications for mobile time and attendance, event tracking from a remote location, from home, ...
  • The software is simple to use, comes with chm and pdf user manual, supports several languages, ...
Processing data in Time and Attendance system

Employees can:

  • have clear insight on their's time and attendance data
  • view their's data anytime and from anywhere using a web browser

* - it is necessary to use terminals with an integrated camera

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