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Time and attendance - price

In order for us to send you our price list, all you have to do is fill in your e-mail and you will receive a reply as soon as possible. If you need a price specification for the time and attendance system, we can also send you an offer with several variants of terminals and/or controllers.

Although many parameters can be taken into account when configuring the time and attendance system on which, in the end, the price depends (type of terminals and cards/tags (125kHz, mifare or some other ...), whether you need the terminal with integrated camera, or an BCM professional access control is needed and expanded by a system for recording working hours, and similar...), for some basic offer we need information on the number of employees who would use the software, as well as the number of entrances (ie. the number of terminals) where employees would register.

From the additional information you can select the type of event you want to track (whether only the basic tracking of arrival and departure, or extended, with one additional event or more). We offer terminals that are fully configurable in the sense that you can track the event you want, and in practice they are most often used as additional events: Pause, Field work, Private. Of course, the price of the system depends on how many events you want to track. In case the option of taking event snapshots is also important to you (eliminates the possibility of buddy punching), choose this option as well.

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