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Our partners and reference list

In cooperation with our partners, we constantly work to improve the quality of our service, constantly learn and improve, follow modern business trends and invest in business development, in order to best respond to changes in the market and the demands of our customers.


The positive experiences of companies that already have and use our systems are the best recommendation for all those who are interested in implementing access control and time tracking systems.

Excerpt from our reference list

We have the honor of cooperating with many successful companies, of various sizes and activities. The success of each of them was reflected in our success and reputation in the field of technical protection facilities and installation of time and attendance systems. We have developed a relationship with many of them that goes beyond just business. The reference list shown below represents some of the companies that have placed their trust in us.

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Logo-i za referentne kompanije - 5
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Logo-i za referentne kompanije - 7
Logo-i za referentne kompanije - 8

NOTE: The number of systems sold far exceeds the scope listed here. We apologize to all our users who are not included in this list.

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