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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1. What is ervTimeAtt?

"ervTimeAtt" is a time tracking software that consists of a client and a server part. The client part use operators, it can be installed on several computers and it is possible to create reports with it. The reports support various data export formats (xls, pdf, doc, txt, csv...) and can be further customized with the help of the "report designer". The server part collects data from the terminal, it is installed on one computer in the network and supports MySQL or MariaDB database. There are additional modules for viewing events via a web browser and for mobile time tracking. The software runs on the Windows platform, under an account that has administrator rights, with recommended system requirements.

2. Is there a demo version of the software?

Yes. We think that for a good test you need to have software which is possible to test out, so you can see does it fit your needs. That's why we enabled so-called buy without risk purchase which enables the customer to try out the system before buying it. During the installation, you can install a test database and see how the software works, and at the same time you do not require a terminal.

3. What kind of training or experience is necessary for the system administrator?

Required is basic knowledge of the issues in calculating and processing records of working hours and good knowledge of Windows environment. These are prerequisites for successful managing the time and attendance system.

4. Is the training required?

No, the program is extremely simple and adapted for fast start in time and attendance reporting. All installation and the complete process, as well as manuals, are adapted to the average user, and in addition to English, the program can be used in German or Serbian language (also, it can be translated into any other foreign language). With manual in the program reports can be made 10 minutes after installation.

5. How much time does an administrator need to administer working hours?

It depends a lot on the administrator's ability on the one hand, and the complexity of the rules set in the software on the other hand. There is a rough estimate of an average of about 15 minutes per day for every 100 employees. Assessment is valid for a well-organized system in small or medium-sized companies.

6. How many workers you can register at one terminal?

And here it is only a rough estimate which depends on the type of terminal. For companies and firms with 50-100 employees, who work in one shift, enough is usually one terminal. In companies where work is performed in shifts, the number of terminals is determined by the employee number that makes the shift. Typically, for each group of 150-200 people in one shift is recommended use of two terminals - one for registrations entry event and the other for registration of exit event. For example if a company has 450 employees working in three shifts (150 employees per shift) it is recommended 2 terminals for the whole company, for a firm that has 900 employees (300 employees per shift) it is recommended 4 terminals for the whole company.

7. What are the requirements for computer equipment?

ervTimeAtt application is the standard software for Windows, which bases its work on the MariaDB/MySQL database and the network environment, so from this derives so-called general conditions that a computer should fulfill:

  • 64-bit Windows OS, Windows 10 or Windows Server 2016 and newer
  • Intel i3 or AMD Athlon processor, clocked at 2 and more GHz (with 2 or more cores) and better
  • DDR3 RAM and faster
  • if you use the video surveillance capturing process then HD with larger capacity
  • internet connection

All modern computers will have no problems running our software. For faster data processing, we recommend using an SSD hard drive.

You can find more frequently asked questions in our pdf file:

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