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G9304, UHF tag stickers

G9304 UHF stickers

The stickers are glued to the inside of the windshield or can also be glued to the outside of the vehicle. They are waterproof, and also resistant to high temperatures, chemicals and mechanical damage.

  • Frequency: 860 MHz ~ 960 MHz
  • Mode: Passive (without the use of battery power)
  • Operating temperature: 25 °C to 75 °C
  • Dimensions: 99 mm (V) x 12 mm (Š)
  • easy to remove, no traces remain
  • Anti-UV, resistant to high temperatures, chemicals, mechanical damage
  • for outdoor and indoor installation
  • Material: Waterproof PET

Using UHF readers and UHF stickers for parking systems

1. Using the UHF USB reader, the vehicle information is first programmed and the authorization for parking spaces in the access control system is created. G9304 stickers are then placed on the windshields of vehicles that need to enter the parking lot.
2. A long-range UHF reader is installed at the entrance and exit and connected via WG26 to the ramp control.
3. When the car approaches near the entrance or exit, the reader will identify the tag on the car's windshield, and the access control system will check the authorization of the tag. If the authorization is successful, the ramp will open. The car can then enter the parking lot.

UHF example of using a sticker

For parking control, we recommend the use of BCM professional access control, which with its advanced options enables precise control of entry and exit from the parking lot. Security Grade IV level of protection and security, as the use of anti-passback function will prevent users from abusing the system by trying to re-enter the parking lot with the same sticker/ card. Also, using the mifare EV2 card will prevent unauthorized copying, so only one user can have the card issued.

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