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Devices for time and attendance

ZKSoftware/ZKTeco terminals

Terminals SCR100 are the ideal choice for businesses that want a basic access control. With the optional 26-bit wiegand reader, of any manufacturer, this terminal can be used for basic time and attendance. The Terminal has no display and keyboard...
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Terminals SC103 are compact terminals with basic functions and a large memory. They are ideal for use in small and medium-sized enterprises. In addition to the reliable operation and ease of use, they are characterized by an extremely low price...
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Terminals S880 represent a new generation of terminals with lots of features, with integrated camera and a large memory. They are intended for both small and large companies, which need many advanced features. Built-in camera allows you to capture employee's picture at check in/out...
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The KS880 terminals have all the features of a standard S880 terminal and are designed for outdoor installation. With IP65 level of protection low temperatures, rain, humidity and dust are no longer a problem. Unauthorized access key protection and anti-vandal features make it an ideal choice for use in harsh environments...
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Controller's of type C3 are primarily intended for companies that want a basic time&attendance events or large company's in which there is a large flow of employees within one shift. They offer basic functions, and high speed of registration...
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BCM controllers

BCM systems are designed for companies that want to have access control and basic time&attendance system. The system consist of one or more controller's connected over a LAN or the Internet. Each of these controllers are connected to many readers via encrypted RS-485 connection...
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