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P01, terminal desk stand

S880 terminal stand

For easier mounting of the terminal on flat surfaces, such as a work desk or counter, you can use the stands designed for mounting a certain terminal type. Mounting on such a stand is quite simple and easy. The terminal mounted in this way is at an angle of ~45°, which allows easy selection of the type of event and a clear overview of the information on the terminal screen. We recommend mounting on a stand if your wall space is occupied or you are not sure where you could drill holes to mount the terminal (this way you also avoid the possibility of damaging electrical or plumbing installations). Also, the stand gives you the freedom that tomorrow if you want to move the terminal to another place you can do so with ease.

The built-in rubber pads prevent the stand with the terminal from sliding off the work surface and protects it from accidental fall (they securely hold the terminal in place). There is also an opening on the stand for connecting the terminal on the back. You can additionally fasten the cables with guides, which prevents the possibility of bad contact and thus interrupts the connection of the terminal to the LAN.

Features of the P01 desk stand:

  • Easy and simple installation of the terminal on a desk or counter
  • Has rubber pads that prevent slipping and the possibility of falling
  • Customized shape for the terminal to be mounted
  • Stand opening on the back for terminal connection
  • Material: 5 mm thick plexiglass
  • Color: black
SC103 terminal stand

We offer stand models for each type of time and attendance terminal. Of course, if you want to consult us before purchasing, we can provide you with all the necessary information related to the stands and their characteristics. All types of stands are always available with fast delivery.

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