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Contactless cards, tags and UHF stickers

Use of cards/tags in terminals

It is possible to use different types of cards with terminals and controllers (or with the use of a suitable wiegand reader). See next table:

Cards      \      Terminals
iCard (thin, printable) 125kHz
iKey (FOB key) 125kHz
mCard (thin, printable) Mifare 13,56MHz
mKey (FOB key) Mifare 13,56MHz
uCard (thin, printable) UHF 860-960MHz
uTag (sticker) UHF 860-960MHz

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Contactless cards

The RFID contactless card can be intended for use in various systems in 125 kHz technology, 13.56 MHz (Mifare) or 860 ~ 960 MHz (UHF). Mifare cards on which it is possible to enter additional encrypted data such as EV2 cards are recommended in access control systems for their security. The cards have the ability to print text or images on one or both sides. They are used in access control systems, time and attendance systems, visitor management, etc. The glossy or matte surface can contain the serial number of the card printed on it...
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In addition to the time and attendance system, if you also purchased contactless cards from us, we can also offer you professional card printing with a UV printer.
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Contactless tags

The RFID contactless tag can also be intended for use in various systems, but in 125 kHz or 13.56 MHz (Mifare) technology. The advantage of tags over cards is in the small, ergonomic and extremely durable case. Also, a tag has a brass eyelet for attaching it to the keychain for easy carrying, which ensures that the employee cannot forget his tag. They come in different colors and shapes and are our recommendation for time and attendance systems if you do not plan to print...
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UHF stickers

RFID contactless stickers are intended for installation in vehicles and detection of their passage in access control systems. They operate at a frequency of 860 ~ 960 MHz and are used in combination with UHF readers in the specified frequency range. The access control system can be upgraded with a time and attendance system...
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