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Android devices for employee registration

Possibility to use mobile devices for employee registration which work on Android operating system offers mobility and increased functionality of the entire system. You can use any Android device that meets certain hardware and software requirements.

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Android operating system applications and their use:

ervTimeClock is an application that turns your phone into a time and attendance terminal.

Mobile time and attendance can be used for any type of field work, in any place where it is not possible to use a standard wall-mounted terminal or you already have a suitable telephone and do not want to invest money in the purchase of additional terminals. If you use group attendance, you can use any phone from any manufacturer that has NFC. Employees will simply check their NFC card/key directly on the phone. The phone can also take a photo of the person being checked if it has a front camera. This practically prevents the abuse of the employee check-in process.

In the case of individual time tracking, the user does not need a card or use the NFC option in the mobile phone, but by selecting the event by simply pressing a button, after confirmation, the event is registered.

ervTimeView is an application with which you get an easy overview of the arrivals and departures of your employees.

If you want to easily track the IN/OUT events of employees on your mobile phone at any time, you can use this application. You can have a daily overview of employee events at any time. It is also possible that each employee can monitor his own events, which can contribute to better event management.

Installation of these applications is free and no registration is required, so you can check its operation on your phone at no extra cost. A license is required to connect these applications to the time and attendance system. Although we try to make the application compatible with all phones that have the Android operating system due to the large number of phones on the market, we are not able to test all of them.

Android Software Requirements

  • have an Android operating system with version >= 6.0 Marshmallow up to version <= Android 11

Android Hardware Requirements

The Details: ARM instruction CPUs are created by a wide variety of manufacturers according to different sets of specifications. ARM is the dominant technology in mobile hardware. The ARMv7 instruction set, or core, specifies the microarchitecture that the CPU uses. The family of CPUs that implement ARMv7 instructions are called the Cortex-A series. Most of these CPUs also include NEON technology. Most Android devices have a GPU, or Graphics Processing Unit. It is common for the GPU to be combined with the CPU in a System-on-a-Chip (or SoC) configuration. Any of these configurations should be supported.

Testing to see whether your Android device is supported

You can find several utilities on the Google Play Store that provide a quick and easy way to test your phone's compatibility. All applications are free and do not require special privileges to run.

  • SysCheck the app is free, has no ads and runs on older phones
  • CPU-Z is a newer and well-known application that will display all the features of your phone
  • AIDA is another very good application that will display all the features of your phone

check yours mobile phone

SysCheck tells you exactly the CPU features that your device supports. Specifically, SysCheck lists all possible CPU features, provides feature definitions, and indicates whether your particular device supports each feature. E.g. if you see: ARM CPU showing ARMv7 or ARM64 AArch644, OS version is listed as supported and NEON is listed as yes, then your phone should be supported.

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