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iGuard - terminals for easy networking

Terminal iGuard

iGuard terminals are ideal for users where terminals are not within a one computer network, i.e. for users who have multiple business units at different locations in the city, country or world. They allow easy networking of all iGuard units into a single centralized system.

The characteristics of the system with iGuard terminals are:

  • Terminals are exclusively intended for internal installation
  • easy to use and setup in network environment
  • has one function key, that allow tracking up to three events type (WorkTime, Break, FieldWork...)
  • unlimited number of terminals in the system
  • a maximum of 1,000 users
  • system operates independently, without non-stop computer support
  • with the use of uninterruptible power supply system can work when there is no electric power
  • the system is connected to an existing computer network, via Internet or directly to your computer, so you need a minimum investment of time and money in carrying out installation
  • the system remembers in stand-alone mode, up to 10,000 registrations of employees, but when you switch the computer on where the software for time and attendance is installed, the software downloads all registrations from the terminal and frees his memory for future work
  • the system can be accessed via the Internet

Characteristics of iGuard terminals are:

  • easy network setup and commissioning
  • built-in web server for access via the Internet
  • a triple authentication (password, card, fingerprint)
  • the use of smart cards
  • optional fingerprint scanner (only for a few users - 20)
  • only for indoor installation
  • works without computer support
  • it is possible to equip it with a source of continuous power supply and allow operation in cases where there is no electricity

More on these features can be found in file: more about iGuard »
Technical manual can be downloaded from here: technical manual »

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