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Card holders and Card cases

Card holders serve primarily for easier use of cards, and then their protection in operating conditions.

Jo-Jo card holder

Jo-Jo card holder

The Jo-Jo RFID card holder allows easy and functional use of the card. The employee's card is inserted into a plastic holder, and it is attached to a belt or clothing item via a jo-jo holder. Simply pulling the card releases the elastic mechanism in the jo-jo holder as long as it is enough to bring the card closer to the terminal and record the event. When the card is released, the elastic mechanism returns to its original position. Jo-jo holders can be metal or plastic. Plastic models are available in several colors.

  • Flexible registration of the employee at the terminal
  • Easy hanging on a garment over a metal button, does not damage the fabric
  • Along with card printing, it is a complete solution for employee identification
  • Elastic mechanism for card pull/release
  • Material: metal or plastic
  • Color (plastic): blue, red, black and white

Card cases - hard plastic

Plastic card holder

The RFID card case in assembly with the Jo-Jo card holder is a complete solution for carrying cards. The holder also has the role of protecting the card from bending and scratching, which can extend card's lifespan and reduce maintenance costs. The plastic is transparent, which allows all the employee's data to be clearly seen. The card is easily inserted into the holder, the dimensions of the holder are such that the card is stable in it and cannot fall out. Depending on where the mounting holes are placed, these holders can be vertical or horizontal.

The physical security provided by the card holders enables the longevity of the card itself and directly saves money. Frequent use of cards without such a holder significantly shortens the life of the cards themselves and forces you to constantly purchase new ones.

  • Easy card insertion
  • Hard plastic protects against bending and scratching
  • Enables card long life span
  • The transparency of the plastic allows a clear display of data on the card
  • Material: hard plastic
  • Color: transparent
  • Dimensions: 86 x 54 x 0.76 mm (vertical or horizontal depending on the position of the mounting holes)
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