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TCS BCM - professional access control

BCM TCS controller device

TCS BCM controllers are designed for companies that want to have professional access control and basic time and attendance system. The system consist of one or more controller's connected over a LAN or the Internet. Each of these controllers are connected to many BCM readers via encrypted RS-485 connection. These systems have a very high reliability of operation, and can be used in systems where exists a large flow of employees within one shift. They offer advanced functions, and high speed of registration. They also have a big memory and have a good price for a system with many entrances.

For use with BCM access control, we recommend mifare EV2 RFID cards, which have the highest level of security and are virtually impossible to copy. The data is recorded directly on the card and are protected by DES/2K3DES/3K3DES/AES crypto algorithms. The entire system has Security Grade IV level.

BCM TCS reader device

Characteristics of TCS BCM network systems are:

  • Controllers are designed for internal mounting, but readers can be mounted externally to work outdoors, in the most demanding conditions
  • readers can be installed, if requested by customers, in the metal casing which gives anti-vandal protection
  • can track in/out events, the use of the system is very simple
  • great reliability if you have multiple controllers, the database is stored in each of them in case of breakdown, there is always a backup
  • easily expand the system
  • a maximum of 100,000 users
  • the system works independently, without non-stop computer support
  • with the use of battery power system can work when there is no electricity
  • the system is connected to an existing computer network or directly to your computer, so you need a minimum investment of time and money in carrying out the installation
  • the system also can be connected via RS485 connection
  • the system remembers in standalone mode to 1,000,000 registrations of employees, but when you switch the computer on where the software for time and attendance is installed, the software downloads all registrations from the terminal and frees his memory for future work
  • web software interface for access control which can be accessed via any browser
  • BCM professional access control can be easily extended with a time and attendance system

Characteristics of TCS BCM network controller are:

  • over-current protection, protection against reverse polarity connection
  • monitoring of all activities
  • all events are logged
  • TCP / IP or RS485 connection
  • RS485 encrypted connection provides increased security of your data
  • enables integration in video surveillance systems, anti-fire systems, alarm systems and elevator control
  • use smart card's or tag's
  • works without computer support
  • it is possible to equip it with a source of continuous power supply and allow operation in cases where there is no electricity

More on these features can be found in file: more about BCM systems »
Installation manual can be downloaded from here: installation manual »
More on BCM readers can be found in file: BCM readers »
Information about Nova software can be found here: BCM Nova software »


TCS BCM - fingerprint

MorphoWave contactless biometric reader

In cooperation with the company IDEMIA, BCM integrated their contactless biometric reader MorphoWave, which stood out in practice due to its functionality and ease of use. The device is intended for large companies with a large flow of employees. It is also suitable for use in turnstile systems. While check-in process user does NOT TOUCH check-in area, which in practice means that there is no potential scratching of the glass and a reduction in the period of use of such devices. All biometric data can be recorded on the controller and then log-in process is VERY FAST. This product is made in the EU and therefore meets all EU standards requirements (GDPR). In order to comply with the GDPR, the fingerprint must be recorded on the card and in this case the event log is two-factor (at the same time improves security), i.e. the employee first touches his card and then swipes his hand. Biometric data is stored on that special card kept by the employee.

It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation, has IP65 protection, can work in various weather conditions. Event recording is done with a contactless hand movement over the device. The contactless reader itself is resistant to the influence of the sun, light, dust, as well as to other circumstances that can affect its operation, i.e. it will register a person with wet or dirty hands without any problems. This device supports Mifare cards as well as QR and PIN codes. It has a 3D sensor and LEDs that enable readability in low-light situations.

The simplicity and speed of use of these biometric fingerprint readers is demonstrated in the following video.

Contactless biometric reader MorphoWave

Features of the MorphoWave contactless biometric reader are:

  • high level of security, impossibility of false registration
  • light and easy to assemble
  • can be used for access control and time and attendance with BCM controller
  • 100% EU, i.e. French product
  • 50 people per minute maximum traffic
  • 10.000 users
  • 1.000.000 records
  • can be mounted externally - IP65 protection
  • working temperature -10°C to 55°C
  • Power over Ethernet
  • Dimensions: 250*152*216 mm
  • Weight: 2.2 kg
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