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Find out more about time clock devices and equipment

Software for time and attendance supports multiple different hardware devices. They enable simple and easy events tracking, which increases the efficiency of working time management, and thus the productivity of the employees who are being tracked. Every device has its own characteristics that makes it best to use in some specific situation better than the other one. If you are not sure which device is best for you please contact us, and we will help you to select the right one.

Comparative characteristics of the time clock devices

Basic parts of a standard system for time and attendance

Devices in the time and attendance system

We also offer accessories in the form of a USB reader that can help you with the administration of employees (we recommend that you have such a reader with each system for time and attendance), terminal stands if you do not have the option or do not want to mount the terminal on the wall, cards holder if you want to extend their expiration date or uninterruptible power supply that allows you to run time and attendance system in the event of a power failure.

Our users have the opportunity of using devices on Android or Windows platform to get complete mobile records and an advanced time and attendance system. Event logging via a mobile phone/tablet running on the Android platform or a PC/laptop running on the Windows platform is possible with the ervTimeClock application, and for a simple overview of events you can use the ervWeb module.

Delivery of equipment and accessories

We can always prepare and program the time and attendance system in short time. We always have all types of terminals, cards and readers in stock and available with fast delivery. In case you provide us with a list of employees (file in any format), we can additionally prepare the system for you so that it is ready for use as soon as it reaches you.

  • Time and attendance terminals and other equipment have excellent quality and reliability, which has been confirmed in many years of practice
  • Large selection of equipment and accessories which can easily extend the functionality of the system
  • BCM access control with Security Grade IV level of protection and security - the highest level of security in the industry
  • We always have terminals, cards, readers in stock, and with reliable and fast delivery you get a time and attendance system in a very short time

In practice, we have encountered many times situations that go beyond the standard system for time and attendance and we have successfully resolved it. You will receive all the necessary advice and cabling schemes from us so that each of your projects fulfills its function. If you need any information about terminals, cards, software or accessories and want to consult with us about anything before purchasing, feel free to contact us.

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