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Increase productivity

The most important resource of every company is its employees, but it is also very important for every company that employees respect the agreed time of arrival and departure from work. So, it is necessary to have accurate and precise automatic tracking of events.

Piggy for saving

Cost saving

By implementing a time and attendance system, a company can quickly increase its productivity by saving both money and time by replacing manual timekeeping with automatic, increasing work discipline and managing employee time more efficiently.

Reports format customization

Events & Reports

With this program you can track all kind of events, such as breaks, private exits, field work… If in the standard, the most commonly used types of events are not those you need, simply add them and begin to track them.

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Event registration

Depending on the needs and requirements of the customer, we define which device-terminal or controller should be used to track working hours. Each case is a special situation for itself. It is not the same for a small or large company.

Time clocking devices

Time-clock device

Each company has specific needs and that is why the Time&Att system and access control is possible with several types of terminals and controllers. Each terminal and controller has specific features that make it a better choice in a certain situation.

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Mobile device

With the option to use smartphone devices in the time and attendance system offers mobility and increases functionality of the entire system. You can use any Android device that meets certain hardware and software requirements.

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Mobile applications

With the installation of our applications on your smartphone, you can easily have work time tracking and overview of events from remote locations, from home, field..., no extra installation cost. In this way we can easily expand the functionality of the entire system.

Free remote support

Free remote support

Software is easy to use, but sometimes users need some advice and help in the work. We offer effective support which, according to independent research by our customers for many years evaluated above average grade.

Mail contact

Contact us!

Consult with us for the best solution for time tracking management! Call us at our phone on weekdays from 08:00 to 16:00 or fill in the online contact form.

Each of your suggestions, questions or desire is for us very valuable information. Please feel free to contact us for any reason without any hesitation. Anything you want to tell us you can do by e-mail, and be really sure that you will as soon as possible receive a response.

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Access Control and Time and Attendance - implementation

In addition to employees, who are the most important resource of any company, quality management of their work time is also very important. With an automated system, you enable the calculation of working hours in an easy and simple way and get rid of unnecessary paperwork, avoid human errors, reduce costs, increase efficiency. Employees in HR departments can focus on other tasks instead of manually calculating working hours.

5 reasons for implementing time and attendance system - video



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